Failures are, in some cases, pretty brutal, irreversible, sometimes very expensive, and with a potential impact on the environment, the safety of people and facilities, if not all at once in critical cases.


The heart of the policy the optimized maintenance policy that's implemented by MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE is equipment's reliability.


MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE implement an optimized maintenance policy. This generate a more reliable equipments and machines.


The approach we take is to conduct an analysis of defaults and failures that has occured on each equipment and installations.


Thanks to its strong experience in the field of maintenance, MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE proposes to its customers the tools, knowledge base rich of a large feedback. Our customers benefit from a method and a database of failures modes and root causes that reinforce the analysis done on site.
With MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE our customers can improve quickly their practices, benefit from a large and extended feddback of experience.


The investigation of root causes that occurr on different types of equipments is facilitated.


These tools are intuitive. They are use by operators to collect and summerize initial findings on site. They are also use by the production and maintenance teams, and of course, by maintenance technicians and engineers in charge of reliability.


With MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE , our clients take into account all relevants signals to prevent problems to occur on their site and equipments. your social media marketing partner