Maintenance transformation


Reduce industrial maintenance costs, reduce production losses and reduce outages number


Increase competitiveness

Repair and maintenance of industrial facilities are fields of activities that have developed strongly over the years, following available technological developments.

In the same time, expectations and objectives set for maintenance services and technical services have evolved.
Nowadays, economic, cyclical or sectoral difficulties mean that constraints are currently more pronounced for reducing maintenance costs and reassess performance objectives.

In this context, improvements and associated measures are, for many maintenance managers, more and more difficult to implement and monitor.

Aware of these developments, MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE brings with its specialists its expertise in the field of industrial maintenance in order to increase competitiveness and increase the profitability of its customers.


Achieve operational excellence

MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE as a consulting company, allows its customers to strive towards operational excellence by putting in place progress actions to optimize industrial maintenance.
MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE supports its customers in the implementation of these optimized practices that generate greater added value in their processes.

Become able with the same industrial tool, same machines, to produce more, in quantity, in quality, by respecting deadlines and decreasing energy consumed. These are the objectives sought.



Optimize industrial maintenance


Our approach


Evaluate current performances of their maintenance with a focus on operational issues coupled with strong expertise in business sectors of our customers.

Reveal progress tracks during a maintenance audit with the ability to take into account the transversality inherent to optimization projects of operational performance.

Implement improvement actions that generate quick wins and work with our clients to manage their operations to ensure long-term results.



Benefit from rapid application of proven maintenance plans


Improve reliability of equipments one after the other takes time and represents a very important cost for the company.
The availability of internal resources, which could work on optimizations and reliability actions, are often limited.
Indeed, these resources are often already overloaded.

Moreover, the feedback from which these specialists can rely is often limited to the scope of the company's machine fleet and limited to the professional experience of the managers.


MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE is therefore proposing to its customers to evolve rapidly to best practices that have proven themselves for years on thousands of similar equipments.